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“In Our Own voice: the Podcast”

telling stories of mental health in America

“In Our Own Voice” is a widely recognized program of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a nationally known mental health advocacy group. “In Our Own Voice” trains individuals who have lived with mental health conditions as speakers and brings their inspiring stories of struggle and recovery to audiences of all backgrounds.

I have been involved with NAMI since 2011, first as a public policy intern studying mental health courts and lobbying legislators, and later, as a volunteer support group leader.

Now, I am combining my advocacy experience and my journalism background as a staff writer for a daily newspaper and a winner of a Michigan Press Association Award to launch “In Our Own Voice: The Podcast” in conjunction with NAMI Metro Detroit.

I intend to bring the powerful stories of “In Our Own Voice” participants to the airwaves through a podcast sponsored by NAMI Metro and, in doing so, to educate and raise awareness. I hope that people who struggle with mental illness and their loved ones, as well as the general public, will find hope and inspiration by tuning into “In Our Own Voice: The Podcast.”


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