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Gatway Women

Jody's Day worldwide friendship and support network for childless women, Gateway...

Stay Tuned for Episode #1: What Yoga Therapy Teaches

  In the first episode of Pill Baby: Mother Missed, I will a yoga therapist and university faculty member women can cope with the traumas of mental illness...[Read More]

Stay Tuned for Episode #2: Navigating Grief and Childlessness

In this episode, I will interview the director of a grief resources nonprofit about the grieving process. I will ask her how the grieving chidlessness intersect...[Read More]


Expanding a mission–because I still want to be a mom

I’m expanding the mission of Pill Baby because I’m simply not there yet–I still want to be a mom. And I want the magazine and podcast to be ab...

I get back to basics to help others and myself

I’m getting back to basics to help both others–and myself. I’m researching the intersection of mental health and childlessness. I’ve rea...

Mental Illness Makes Me Unsure I Can Be A Mom

I’ve been trying to conceive for six years now. Six exceptionally long years. My husband and I have tried everything short of IVF, and now that it has been plac...

How I healed my inner mom after infertility and depression

I want to tell you the story of how I healed my inner mom after infertility and depression. I want to tell you the story of how I learned to nurture myself, to ...

Childlessness & Caring for Our Bodies: When we can’t make ourselves go for that run

How do we get back on track with caring for our bodies when struggling with grief due to childlessness?

Join me on the adventure of Pill Baby: Motherhood Missed

Join me on an adventure! I'm launching a mental health podcast for childless women.

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