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Join me on the adventure of Pill Baby: Motherhood Missed

Join me on an adventure as I launch a podcast!

Join me on an adventure! I’m launching a mental health podcast for childless women. 

Why this genre of podcast? Maybe because I saw a need. Maybe because I know there is so little out there. 

Maybe because I realize there is a black hole of information and encouragement right where we need it most, when it comes to our minds and bodies working in sync, working to generate possibility, health, life.  

And I say, “we” because I’m in this right with you.

Inviting you to join me on an adventure…

I intend this podcast to be good journalism. But I hope to invite you to accompany me on an adventure of your own. I also hope to go on an adventure, a healing journey.   

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 26 years-old, after first being diagnosed with major depression at age 19. And I have been battling the illness ever since.

Some days are better than others. Many days, especially since I met and married my husband, have been wondrous and happy. 

At first, I never thought about being a mother. But a switch flipped in me at about 29. I just didn’t think motherhood was possible until I met my husband.

About a year into marriage, I tried to slowly, under a psychiatrist’s direction, wean off my medications that would be dangerous to a fetus.

Then I had a breakdown. 

Now I wonder where to go from here.

Choosing to Give Back 

Going on a podcast adventure isn’t the obvious answer. But I’m a curious person, a writer and a journalist. I both want to help others–and myself.

By launching Pill Baby: Motherhod Missed, I want to create a podcast where women can have real conversations about mental health and childlessness.

I want to interview researchers and practitioners who will bring us trustworthy, practical information about our bodies and minds that we can act on. My dream guests are researchers from the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute and physicians from the University of Michigan, real people telling their stories from Resolve: The National Infertility Association and The Depression Bipolar Support Alliance

Closer to home, I will interview yoga therapists and people working on the front lines of domestic violence. These are voices we need to hear from. 

I invite you to go on this adventure with me. We can chart a course for wholeness, for wellness, and this podcast will be our guide. 

Join me. 

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  1. Excellent idea, Meg! I’m sure this will fill a need. I’d love to have you on my blog again (What, Why, How) where you could discuss this new website. I love the banner and design, btw. Best of Luck!


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